Liver biopsy

tucumcari_arc_richards_nov08_cw_19Ruminal and intestinal cannulation surgeries on cattle and sheep

Serial slaughters and organ collection for gross measurement, histological, and enzymatic analysis

Adipose tissue biopsy

Jugular vein catheterization

Sampling of milk, digesta and blood

Particulate and fluid passage rate modeling

Atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Gas chromatography with an emphasis on fatty acid analysis

Colorimetric spectrophotometry

Radioimmuno assays (Safe Use of Radioisotopes Certified)


Western-Ligand blot analysis

Phosphoimager and Quantity One softwareDSC03506

Diet analysis for crude fat, Van Soest fiber fractions, Kjeldahl and LECO Nitrogen

In situ, In vitro and In vivo digestion experiments
Competence with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel; BRILL, NRC Ration Evaluation Software; Cowbytes, OSU Cowculator software, and CNCPS computer software; and data analysis using SAS

Histological preparation and staining of tissues